designer. thinker. programmer.



Hi :)

I'm Yueping, a product designer and junior developer. I love building elegant and efficient products with user-centric design.

I am currently a UX Designer at Ross School - a K-12 private school who is a pioneer in integrated learning. I am leading the UI and UX design for the school’s online learning management system, which facilitates teaching and curriculum digitization. I am also a part-time CS student at NYU Courant, where I focus on the intersection of machine learning and design.

I received my Master’s Degree from NYU ITP in 2018, where i studied digital media and interaction design. Before that, I studied industrial design at RISD, where i was able to apply the user-centered design approach to both digital and physical medium. 

Prior to my current position, I have worked at 3 tech start-ups, including both hardware and software companies, where I participated from product design to development.




Design: Design Principles, User Research, Prototyping, Visual Design, Sketch, Invision, Adobe Creative Suite, 3D Modeling

Technical: Java, C++, JavaScript, HTML, CSS, OpenGL(basic)


Selected Coursework:

NYU Courant: Fundamental Algorithms, Computer Graphics, Operating Systems, Machine Learning, Geometric Modeling

NYU Stern: Hi-Tech Start-Ups & Products, Dealing with Data

NYU ITP: The Nature of Code, Networked Media

NYU Steinhardt: Media Archaeology

Brown University: Digital Media