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Data Visualization: 311 Requests


Project Goal

User the "311 Service Requests" dataset to generate a non-fictional narrative

My Role

Ideation, Design, Front End Coding


Python, p5.js (a JavaScript library), Mapbox API


Myself and my classmate Cristobal Valenzuela


Project Background

The “311 Service Request” are phone calls to New York City government for  non-emergency municipal services. Each phone call is documented with details such as time, location, type of service request, and how the call was processed.

My teammate Cristobal and I were given the 311 Service Request dataset as a prompt, and the assignment is to generate a non-fictional and immersive story based on this dataset.


The Process

However, not only was the quantity of data enormous (16 million entries between 2010-2017), but also it was hard to draw connections between each individual incident. So we focused on the dataset of a particular year (2015), and filtered the dataset from there on.

We trimmed and filtered the dataset using Python, and exported to JSON format for visualization.


During our research, we were particularly inspired by a previous data-visualization featured on

Screen Shot 2017-09-15 at 3.54.44 PM.png

The Result

We decided to map out the calls of a particular day of the year, in this case 4th July, and draw correlations between the “type” of service request and what audio experience could emerge from that scenario. In other words, the physical contexts of the miscellaneous phone calls generate an “orchestra” for each moment of 4th July, 2015.

Link to the Demo

311-shot1 copy.jpg